┬áThe softest of rustles in the trees is your only hint at what lies ahead… Enter the Enchanted Forest!

Join us from September 30th to October 2nd for FurWAG 2016: The Enchanted Forest!

The faintest glowing lights among the twisted tree trunks tempt you onward, deeper into the habitat of creatures unknown. A glittering giggle drifts past your left shoulder, though you’re not sure from which direction it came. Dare you step into the ring of mushrooms that lies in your path?

Three days of wonderment and furry fun lay ahead! Dance with us in the mystical darkness of the New Moon. Follow along with our renowned Guest of Honour, Silverfox, as he brings his artistic knowledge to Perth for the first time. Get out your paws and claws for our annual fursuit walk – in a brand new secret location!

Registration is open now, with early bird pricing in effect. Standard registration for FurWAG is just $90 for the whole weekend. Super Sponsor registration is just $240 and includes a t-shirt, exclusive guest of honour art print, and more! Check out the registration page to find out more.

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